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Mini-rotator with vertical rotation of the platform for soft mixing of test tubes, microtubes and vacutainers. Incl.Standard platform PRS-22 for 22 tubes up to 15 mm diam. 


Speed range: 5 – 30 1/min.
Dgital Timer: from 1 min to 23 H 59 min / non-stop
Overall size: 325 x 180 x 155 mm
Weight: 1,4 kg
Power: 12 V. DC 2,0A (External power adapter)
BOE 8024000 BioRotator RS-24 w/platform PRS-22, AC 220V
BOE 8073001 Platform PRS-4/12 – 4x50ml tubes + 12×2-15ml tubes



The BioRotator RS-Multi provides 3 types of motion, which can be used separately (except for vortex mode, which works in conjunction with reciprocal motion mode) and consecutively in a cycle:

1. Orbital motion 
simple even circular motion – common type of motion used in Rotators. Adjustable speed from 1 to 100 rpm.

2. Reciprocal motion
vertical rotation with changing direction of rotation. Adjustable turning angle (from 1° to 90°, increment 1°) sets the limits for this type of motion. The speed is the same as set for rotational motion (from 1 to 100 rpm). In this type of motion there is a pause function (from 0 to 5 sec., increment 1 sec.) settable in the Vortex/pause mode.

3. Vortex motion
intensive mixing of samples at high speed with small amplitude – Vortex motion. 
The vortex mode is necessary for intensive mixing in and it is provided to decrease adhesion of solutions with tube surface, which is especially important for conducting microquantity research when the sample weight may be equal to the adhesion force. 
The vortex ,mode has an adjustable turning angle of 0° to 5° (increment 1°) and the timer has a pause function from 0 to 5 sec., increment 1 sec.)


Standard platform capacity: PRS-26 for 26 (Microtubes and vacutainers)
Power (external): 12 V. DC 2,0A (External power adapter)
Size: 365 mm x 195 mm x 155 mm
Weight: 1,6 kg
BOE 8073000 BioRotator RS-24-Multi with platform PRS-22, AC 220V
BOE 8073002 Platform PRS-5/12 for 5 x 50 ml tubes + 12 x 2-15 ml tubes
BOE 8073003 Platform PRSC-10 for 10 x 50 ml tubes (Tube Dia. 20-30 mm) + 12 x 2-15 ml tubes
BOE 8073004 Platform PRSC-22 for 22 x 15 ml tubes (Tube diam. 10-16 mm)+ 12 x 2-15 ml tubes