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Trivorex® Neutralizing Absorbent

Safe management of spills, leaks, splashes & pollution of hazardous chemical products

Polycaptor® Versatile Absorbent

Provides a completely dry and non-slippery floor to avoid the risk of falls in case of spills of solvents, hydrocarbons, paints, oils, chemicals, flocculants and aqueous liquids.

Acicaptal® neutralizing Absorbent

Safe management of spills, leaks splashes & pollution of acids.

Basicaptal® Neutralizing Absorbent

Safe management of spills, leaks, splashes & pollution of bases.



Neutralises and absorbs all corrosive spills
Acids, bases, formaldehyde, solvents, oxidizers
TXP4 Trivorex® Neutralizing Absorbent 4x700g
TXP1 Trivorex® Neutralizing Absorbent 1x700g
TXS10 Trivorex® Neutralizing Absorbent 1x10Kg
TXBAC Trivorex® Neutralizing Absorbent with shovel & broom 1x200kg



Neutralises and absorbs all acid spills
P4.AC Acicaptal®Absorbent 4x600g
P10.AC Acicaptal®Absorbent 10x600g
S9.AC Acicaptal®Absorbent 1x9Kg



Neutralises and absorbs all base spills
P4.BC Basicaptal® Absorbent 4x500g
P10.BC Basicaptal® Absorbent 1x500g
S9.BC Basicaptal® Absorbent 1x9Kg



S4.PC Polycaptor® Absorbent 1x4Kg


BAS Polycaptor® Absorbent Signaling Beacon

Chemical Spills & Their Consequences

A surface or material contaminated with chemicals due to a spill or residue can corrode rapidly and pose a chemical injury hazard to personnel working in the area. Ensure a safe working environment for you and your employees with the use of our wide range of absorbents and decontaminants tailor made to suit your particular environment.

Prismia supplies a wide range of absorbents. Trivorex® Neutralising Absorbents being the most versatile: it can be used on all chemical spills! Trivorex® Absorbent converts the spilled corrosive chemical into non-hazardous waste thereby eliminating the need for waste tracking, labeling or special transportation. For only acids or bases on site, Acicaptal® Absorbent and Basicaptal® Absorbent are available.

Polycaptor® is a versatile absorbent that has been specifically designed to leave floors dry and non-slippery following a spill of solvents, paints, oils, chemicals, flocculants and aqueous liquids.

With the help of our absorbents you can manage even the toughest spills and manage your hazardous chemical leaks effortlessly. The range is best used in conjunction with Le Vert and Le Vert HF to assist in decontaminating materials, tools and surfaces soiled by corrosive chemicals to limit material degradation and avoid chemical lesions.