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  • Three times fractionated pre-vacuum
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • LCD display
  • Equipped with high quality and high performance pump
  • 1 tray holder, 1 tray handle and 3 trays included
  • High quality water pump and valves
  • Independent steam generator
  • Two samples self-calibration
  • Overhead type water storage tank, easy to clean.
  • Drying procedure: Dry by vacuum.
  • Sterilization temperature: 121°C and 134°C
  • Test programs: Helix test, B&D test and Vacuum test.
  • Sterilization cycles:
    9 cycles are available and 3 test programs.
  • It only have several buttons, very easy to use, any people can run it easily.
  • All cycles are fully automatic; there is no need for human intervention in cycle management.
  • Pressure protection locking system that ensures the door will not be opened once there is any pressure in chamber.
  • Sterilization documentation: Integrated Micro Printer and USB port to store
    the information of the programme cycle in flash memory.
  • The sterilization time and dry time can be adjusted by manual, ensure user obtain best sterilization effects according to private requirements.
  • Malfunction detection system, corresponding error code will be showed on the display once there’s something goes wrong.
BOE 8902300 BOECO BTE-23D Bench Top Autoclave  23 Lit, incl 1 tray holder, 1 tray handle and 3 trays  220 V  50/60 Hz