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CCI-PCR Work station2


For the preparation of PCR reactions and many other methods in
molecular biology, a contamination-free working environment is
required. The UVC/T-AR PCR Workstation is designed for DNA/RNA
decontamination in the Laboratory working place.

The UVC/T-AR is a Benchtop model, constructed from metallic skeleton
and Plexiglas and has a painted metal working place and a digital timer
control of UV exposure. One open 25 W UV-lamp substantially decreases
contamination level during UV-exposure (15-30 min).

White 15 W lamp provides local illumination of the working place and
ensures good conditions for visual control of the operation.

The Model UVC/T-AR includes not only traditional UV source for direct
lighting the surface of the inner working place of the PCR-box, but also
additional UV air flow cleaner (UV – re-circulator) for biosafety DNA
decontamination to protect the user from direct UV-light during operation.

UV-re-circulator consists of a UV lamp, fan, and dust filters organized in a
special box for maximum increasing (1000 x fold) density of UV-light
leading sufficiently to the effectivity of DNA inactivation. UV-re-circulator
generates 100 volumes of the PCR per 1-hour air flow exchange giving
maximum aseptic conditions inside the box.

No HEPA filters-Ozone free high-density UV decontamination
Long Living UV Lamps (8000 hrs)
No Noise
low energy consumption
Compact bench top for Personal labs.

The PCR workstation UVC/T-AR is recommended for labs working in the
fields of DNA analysis, genetic engineering, molecular biology.


Direct UV-lamp light: TUV 25W G13 UV-C Special Philips
Radiation type: Ultraviolet (254 nm), ozone free
UV-lamp lifr time: 8000 hrs
UV-recirculator: TUV 25W G13 UV-C Special Philips
Digital time setting of direct UV-exposure 1 min – 24 h
Luminiescent (visible light lamp) 15W/830 G13 Philips
Plexiglass type: Polymethylmethacrylate
Optical transmission: 92%
UV-protection: 99,9%
Thickness of plexiglass sides: 4 mm
Thickness of upper front side: 8 mm
Thickness of protective front screen: 8 mm
Working place: 650×475 mm
Overall size: 690x535x555 mm
Power: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 67 W
Weight: 23.0 kg
BOE 8040000 PCR Workstation UVC/T-AR, 100-20VAC, 50/60 Hz